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ListWire - Free Autoresponders
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How To Set Up List Wire- A free Auto responder.(Free)

Listwire is an free autoresponder program. This autoresponder program saves money and really adds value. The program has everything you want in an autoresponder

Double optin form, html messages, list naming, Unlimited messages, thank you page, page redirect, blast emailing, high delivery rate, html code for squeeze page, Tracking emails, Check views and open rates.

Pretty decent piece of software and its free.

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 List wire autoresponder set up

How To Ping Your Blog Site And Update the Search Engine To Increase Business

Updating your blog is very important online. Every Post you make you have to ping(Tell the search engines your alive). Pinging your website helps the search engines index your pages more quickly


Post content that matters. People love tips and trick, funny, motivating or anything that makes them feel or do something. Google loves great content and stuff people will actually read or watch.

Check out how to ping your website and update the search engines here

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How to Create a static html Iframe

This is a great tutorial I found on how to make the new changes to your facebook page. Facebook changes the way you put html into your page, so Take a look at this video.

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Great Video

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 Great video I found about how to make a facebook static html page Take a look

Social Video Marketing Out growing Video Seo Marketing?

Its seems just like yesterday when you could just put a keyword loaded video and get easy traffic from YouTube, Meta cafe, daily motion, or the many other video sites out there. Now and days, Its takes time, not only does your video have to be keyword optimized, but they have to engage the audience. People have to leave comments or video responses, because that makes that video become viral. Likes, dislikes and positive and negative can affect your rankings. Here are some tips

Try to make great informative videos to get your video viral.

Make your audience do something. Tell them to leave a comment, Tell me how I’m doing, Do I suck, Like my page, dislike my page.

Make your audience feel something. Make them laugh, smile, giggle, mad, sad, something. Make things happen in the video.

Click here for the article I found. Very great post.

3 Video Marketing tips to increase your online exposure

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Is Google Page Rank Dead?

Google is saying that they don’t care about page rank at all. They update their page rank bar once a year(wow). So what does that mean for regular people is that we shouldn’t focus on how high our page rank is, we should focus on how great and unique our content it is. Is Page Rank Dead?

Click Here For the whole story on googles pagerank.

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Google Algorithm Change Maybe Can Help The Little Guy

Since the google algorithm change people have seen their rankings plummet. Maybe it was because they were flooding the search engines with crap. Using black hat seo tactics that will either get you banned or not seen at all. The change was to stop the content farms from cluttering up the same information all over the web. No one is giving any value anymore, instead it became just a race to get to the first page of google without anything good to say.

Click here to read a great post on the google algorithm story.

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Youtube is Trying To Add “Reactions” To their videos??

Today’s topic is about YouTube(google). They are trying to have people click on buttons that will leave emotions on videos. You don’t even have to be signed in or signed up to leave one. Do you think its cluttered already? They already have like or dislike, share, you can even vote on the best comment(pretty cool), video responses(powerful). So why are they trying to add more (stuff) to the list?

Maybe they are trying to get more social (facebook?). Maybe they are trying to spice things up.

Click here for more of the story about the youtube “reaction” button

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